FUXWITHIT Records is back with a brand-new chapter bound to their cinematic label experience. An invasive experiment led by Canadian-duo dope has recently been conducted at the FUXWITHIT laboratory, enhancing the darkest reality throughout their existence. “Mild Drugs” is a photographic voyage in through the mind and out through the soul, fueling an everlasting high without any lingering feelings of dope sickness.

We’re starting to catch onto the collective symbolism within every FUXWITHIT record. It’s synergy; energetic highs and dangerous lows, carefully crafted together through polar magnetism and intricate musical design. It just so happens that “Mild Drugs” is a beautiful illustration of this allegorical paradigm.

It’s like a smooth, spherical bounce on a rough and rocky exterior

Mild Drugs” transports us back into the early days of filmmaking, where horror and suspense first started stimulating our neurotransmitters. With a melancholic mood of dampened nostalgia, the bass-startling senses push our innate ability to feel a natural high. The film noir samples amplify a coat of black-and-white texture to the beat, enhancing the hypnotic feel of the track’s entirety. Layers of grit and grain subsidize the dark duality of the overall experience, exemplifying the spirits of both smoothness and roughness at the exact same time.

It’s a trap. Eerie atmospheres of supernatural synthesizers flood the track and guide us through our trip, with a massive and unexpected switch up halfway through the plunge. Contrasting the heavy basslines, a warm bounce generously gives comfort to the body, letting us know we’re not truly in danger and that it’s all in our heads. Or is it?

Here’s a quote from dope on how this new track came to be:

“The creation of this track started out very loosely, but really came together when we started sampling for vocal chops. One of our main goals with music is to give a natural high to listeners and this track is basically an allusion to this goal. We highlight this with the vocal chop ‘drugs to your eardrumʼ, which heavily encapsulates the metaphor our artistry as ‘dopeʼ represents.– dope

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