VLCN is an artist more dubstep fans need to have on their radar. The Florida up-and-coming bass producer has already made some serious moves, recently gaining the support of Excision and his Subsidia label, with multiple releases on the imprint so far. His tunes have also been played out by other big dubstep names like Dion Timmer, Kompany, PhaseOne, LAYZ, and of course, the bass god himself, Excision.

His smash 2021 single, “Pling Plong,” in collaboration with PLSMA, scored big, with massive names across the bass world dropping the track at huge festival stages. Both VLCN and PLSMA have appeared on HIHF guest mixes in the past and that collab was included in our top tracks of 2021 playlist.

Today, VLCN is linking up with Bear Grillz Rude Service label, which has hosted releases for other promising up-and-comers like High Zombie, PURGE, Ghost In Real Life and tons more. For “The Unknown” EP, VLCN is showing off his production prowess with each track. The project features collaborative works with Stryer, AG, and Blupill.

“Come On” puts his riddim-style dubstep on display. “Next” follows up that energy with some high octane metal leading into a filthy gross breakdown. “Fight” brings the eerie vibes followed by BluPill’s brutal vocals and is another certified headbanger’s anthem. “Eternity Unknown” rounds “The Unknown” EP out with some feelsy vibes, with smooth and catchy vocals leading into a more effervescent, more color-bassy dubstep drop. This closing track is an absolute gem and is a stellar example of the promising future this young artist has in store.

VLCN continues his trajectory of being one of the most versatile upcoming artists out there, constantly adventuring into different styles and sub-genres. Here is what he had to say about his new project:

“I chose the title “The Unknown” for this EP to keep fans on their toes – nobody knows what direction I will go in, but you’ll always feel energized and full of life.” – VLCN

What did you think of VLCN’s newest work? Let us know down below in the comments or on our socials. VLCN for Lost Lands 2022!

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