Today, we’ve got a brand new collab for you from the esteemed Circus Records. Phocust and Ipsiom are colliding on their new collaborative single titled “Vessel.”

Phocust has released on Circus in the past and has provided support for artists like Illenium, Jantsen, Dirt Monkey and more. He is known for his melodic style of dubstep and that fits right at home at Doctor P and Flux Pavillion‘s Circus Records.

Ipsiom is an artist that we have premiered singles for in the past here at HIHF. He’s caught the attention of huge names like Excision and Dion Timmer, leading to collaborations with Ace Aura and massive past releases on Circus. Ipsiom is a must-watch artist if you are a fan of color bass.

The two up-and-coming artists are combining their styles for a melodic dubstep masterpiece, dubbed “Vessel.” It’s an absolute slapper, a must-add to any headbanger’s playlists. We got a chance to hear from Phocust and Ipsiom on what the new collaborative work meant to the two of them:

“The original thought of the song “Vessel” was actually somewhat of a prayer. As a Christian, my faith is a lot of the time where my inspiration comes from. I got the idea for the “Fill us with the Spirit so that we can set ’em free” lyric from the biblical message that says we are made to be holy temples or “Vessels” for The Holy Spirit. And the prayer was simply that God’s Spirit (or “Pneuma” in the Greek) would fill us and share his love to the world through us and our music.” – Phocust

“Phocust approached me with collaborating on another song together after we had finished Shadow Duel. This time our Christian faith would be put more on display in a song. My interpretation of Vessel is how God sets us free of sin, as we’re filled with the Holy Spirit. Even though the song is filled with darker undertones, it conveys a sense of hope, especially when the drops come in after the pre-drop of “Fill us with the Spirit so we can set ’em free”. I think there’s a lot of room for interpretation with this song which is what makes it so special to us.” – Ipsiom

What did you think of Phocust and Ipsiom’s new collab “Vessel?” Let us know what you think in the comments below or on our socials medias!

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