Last Friday, SPACE LACES dropped his highly anticipated High Vaultage EP. The five-track record, running just over eighteen minutes, is comprised of banger after banger and is brought to us by the one and only Never Say Die.

The EP kicks off with “Droid,” a rhythmic masterpiece that incorporates both bass-house and dubstep influences to create a high-energy bop.

“Run DLL” follows up and slows the EP’s tempo down a smidge. Reminiscent of collaborator Getter’s SOME CREATURE EP, SPACE LACES utilizes hip-hop vocals and themes in conjunction with deep bass and hard-hitting production to create an ominous atmosphere.

“Not Bees” introduces the EP’s first and only feature, this time from Watch. With screeching breaks and upbeat kicks “Not Bees”  is a certified slapper that is a must-add to every headbanger’s playlist.

The second half of High Vaultage takes a melodic turn with “Splinters.” This exuberant collection of running rhythms and joyful synths is a lively and welcome changeup as the project winds down to a close.

Finally, “Disco Bloodbath” returns to house influences and continues the euphoric theme introduced by “Splinters.”  SPACE LACES emphasizes dance influences and does well to fine-tune all aspects of the track. Unsurprising from this sound design maestro.

All together the High Vaultage EP is a stunning collection of bumpin’ beats and fun rhythms, culminating in an effortless display of masterful bass music from SPACE LACES. Let us know what you think of the High Vaultage EP on our socials, and be sure to give SPACE LACES a shoutout on his, all linked below!

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