Space Laces comes out of the gate swinging for his first release of 2023, in a fiery dubstep banger dubbed “Survive”.

Members of the online electronic community were collectively thrilled when the Louisville-based producer took to social media to announce this insane new track. It has been almost a year since Space Laces released his renowned High Vaultage EP that contained fan-favorite tracks like “Droid” and “Disco Bloodbath”, and fans have been itching for some new dancefloor heaters ever since. Straying away from his recent bass house tendencies that he exhibited on “Dominate,” “Not Bees,” and his “Trials” remix with NGHTMRE, “Survive” leans into the production maestro’s more headbanger-friendly stylings.

After just one listen-through, it is undeniable that “Survive” will be mixed into dubstep sets and amply remixed throughout the year, like most Space Laces tracks tend to. With a super hype pre-drop vocal declaring “only the strong survive”, this blaring neck-breaker promises listeners a brutal case of bass face.

Space Laces relies on his masterful heavy drum kicks, laser FX, and vocal samples to curate two lethal verses of this gritty tune. Only allowing a brief interlude to catch your breath, Space Laces ups the amplitude even more for the second round of “Survive”.

It’s undeniable Space Laces is one of the best producers in the whole electronic realm and this track is another testament to that. What did you think of Space Laces’ return single, “Survive”? Stream the track down below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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