TSU NAMI: a cosmic and almightly wave, generated from the intrinsic irregularities of the Earth; a large radiance of divine energy through absorbent frequencies; one of the most angelic, well-deserved artists of the decade. In this case, it’s all the above. Delicate and devoted to her uniquely-exquisite personal sound, her debut EP “Ethereal” will put you into a dreamlike state of consciousness.

The sound of Tsu Nami has an aura like none other. Soothing textures of silky soundscapes encompass the delicate harmonies existing throughout every piece of her art. Her music is tender yet powerful; an oxymoron relating to the strength of washing out cities but the heart and warmth to make you feel safe and secure.

After releasing her debut label track “Party” with Skyler Cocco via bitbird, a whole new realm for Tsu Nami was unlocked. Last year, she went on tour with bitbird label founder San Holo, where her highly-anticipated timeslot initiated fans from across the nation to show up earlier than usual to get down and lose it to her tunes. Her stage presence is animated and her tracklist is enrapturing. Next up for the budding superstar, she’s headed to Beyond Wonderland, BUKU Project, and Firefly Music Festival to supply the heartwarming vibrations everyone wants and needs this coming festival season.

It’s ethereal in every sense of the word: “extremely delicate in a way that seems too perfect for this world”

Tsu Nami is here with her debut EP release “Ethereal” on her well-acquainted home label, bitbird. The project is exactly how it sounds and more. Every track is beautifully textured with warming atmospheres and ambiance. Airy undertones blissfully glide the soundwaves around and through the listener, providing a form of escapism for those in need.

Five tracks. All women. All heavenly. All euphoric.

She starts us off with the opening track, “Fire“. Vibrating vocals from Skyler Cocco surround the harmonious hymns of everlasting hope and happiness. Tasteful remedies of positive emotion fill the palette with eclectic color and animation. Glistening star-like sounds pop like auditory glitter. The mood is set perfectly for what’s yet to come.

Angel” with Dani King follows the introduction through a celestial charisma evident here from start to finish. The Tsu Nami snare hits hard, jam-packed with vulnerability and self-love. It’s something of a love song admitting the impossible reality of faultlessness. Reminding us that when we are with the right person, they will always understand the celestial beauty behind imperfection.

There’s something about the next track with Luma, “Dream About You“, that resonates with me more than any other song I’ve heard this year. It’s naturally alluring. The harmony of Luma’s voice symbolically matches the tone of the percussion and background. The lyrics are pretty, the drop is warm, and the mood is REAL.

Party” with Skyler Cocco was another hit single that dropped earlier last year, fueled with main-character energy and the innate audacity of feeling yourself while in your zone. The revival of future bass is luminescent and vibrant like something of a blue sky when you’re home alone.

The title track “Ethereal” closes out the production with a mesmerizing comedown, surfacing the reality we sadly have to return to. Echoes of vitality transmit right from the speaker to your heart, leaving a piece of the EP inside of you wherever you go.

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