Sisters Jahan and Yasmine have spent the last decade cutting through the noise, making a name for themselves as Krewella and curating a sound that has become recognizably theirs. The Chicago local’s latest sentimentally woven project, The Body Never Lies, features their iconic hard-hitting energy production and expressive lyrics while illuminating the path that displays the past, present, and future of Krewella.

Leading up to the album, the Mixed Kids label heads teased listeners with the spectrum of genres to be expected from this project through “Never Been Hurt” with BEAUZ, “No Control” with MADGRRL, and “I’m Just A Monster Underneath, My Darling.”

With the official release of The Body Never Lies, Krewella delivered a 10-track work of art. Tracks like “Traces” exemplify the sister’s expert ability to pair harrowing lyrics with an epic melody and uplifting synths using the juxtaposition of the tune to express the complexity of the duo’s words. “No Control” featuring MADGRRL kicks things into gear, employing their signature hard bass style to compliment MADGRRL’s equally hefty production.

From there we keep the energy high with a Drum n Bass inspired feature, “In The Water,” and a charmingly seething heater “War Forever.” Without missing a beat, Krewella shifts us down through the gears taking us on an emotional journey through the rest of the album. We traverse darker themes through the project’s close, alluding to their contents with titles like “6 Feet” and “I’m Just A Monster Underneath, My Darling.”

The Body Never Lies as a whole is a beautiful yet natural progression of Krewella’s career. What started with high-energy production and party anthems has led them to where they are now, equipped with a toolbox to tap deeper into themselves, their inspirations, and their production skills while still keeping the party alive.

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Alongside the release of The Body Never Lies album, Krewella is hitting the road to bring their project to cities across the U.S. The tour will take place over two months and offers a massive DJ set or an emotive live set, depending on the city.

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