The Wakaan label has been known for pushing the boundaries of experimental bass music and giving artists of all styles a platform to display their music. In 2019, Manic Focus threw down an epic performance on the main stage at Wakaan Music Festival. From that moment, fans knew the only thing that Wakaan was missing was a dash of funk! Today, Manic Focus is proud to present his Wakaan debut, the “Future Flux” EP.

John “JmaC” McCarten, AKA Manic Focus, has made a massive footprint in the electronic music industry over the past ten years. From a young age, McCarten had an ear for musical production. Influenced by hip-hop legends like MF DoomAtmosphere, and Brother Ali, he developed a talent in beat-making, eventually discovering his passion for electronic music. 

Over the past decade, Manic Focus has collaborated with multiple big-name producers, including GRiZ, Mersiv, Russ Liquid, Marvel Years, and tons more. Throughout this time, he has released six full-length albums and countless remixes for prominent artists like Lettuce and Zeds Dead. McCarten always amazes us with his musical range and has been a blog-favorite here at Heard It Here First. Here is what Manic Focus had to say about his new “Future Flux EP”:

“This EP is an exploration into the heavier side of the Manic Focus vision. In recent years, I have performed with many Wakaan artists, and their styles have inspired me to dive deeper into sound design and arrangement to create exciting synths and textures that I haven’t previously included in my compositions. Future Flux is my journey through the heavier side of my mind and my optimism for mankind’s ability to change and grow in a positive way through difficult times. I think it’s important to head into the future with optimism, armed with knowledge, balance, and the ability to let go and rage through the moments that hinder our growth as individuals. I had a blast creating these tunes, and playing them live for my fans has been an amazing experience.” – Manic Focus

“Future Flux EP” is an exciting release for Manic Focus as it dives deep into the experimental side of his production. Kicking off the EP is Manic Focus’ collab with Ahee“Bonkers.” The track gently eases you in with a serene tone before dropping you into a dance-heavy party-starter. Bouncy and charismatic, this sets the mood for the wild ride you’re about to embark on during “Future Flux EP.”  Ahee is another HIHF favorite who we have covered tons in the past and even played our 2020 HIHF Cabin Fever Festival alongside ill.gates, Floret Loret, Meduso and tons more.

Up next is the lead single, “Back From The Future.” This abstract track is weird and wobbly, with earth-shaking beats and a unique composition of low-end bass. It’s a fantastic choice as it embodies the creative and experimental stylings fans have come to expect from Wakaan. This release flawlessly captures Manic Focus’ sinister side of production and gives a glimpse of what the future may hold for this talented producer.

One of our favorite tracks on “Future Flux” is “Right To Left” with K+LAB. The third track off the EP and easily the grooviest of the bunch, this hit is a funk powerhouse resulting in uncontrollable body movement and a permanent smile on listeners’ faces. Complete with two drops and fully orchestrated sound, it’s reminiscent of past performances with Break Science or Lettuce. “Right To Left” will keep you on your toes as just when you think it’s over, it dives you right back into a funky dance-inducing jam. Be prepared to stomp your feet to this one.

Following “Right To Left” is “Nerve Center” with a supremely wonky sound. This one sounds like something you’d more likely expect from Ganja White Night. Right off the bat, this one introduces a grimy beat leading into a hip-hop wobble-fueled masterpiece. Before the second drop hits, it cools down into a smooth tempo before pummeling you with dark and dirty bass. This track will undoubtedly make sure you “Stay Focused” as it slowly tears you apart. 

Closing out the EP is the beautifully crafted “Let It Go.” This track takes listeners through a wave of soundscapes with its substantial addition of rolling bass and tasty free-flowing synths. It pleasantly ties up “Future Flux,” giving a sense of graceful closure with its message of “Let It Go.”

All in all, this EP was another massive step for Manic Focus. He’s shown that there are no bounds to his production and the possibilities are truly endless. Keep your eyes peeled for shows from him in your area! Manic Focus has two insane festival performances coming up at SolFest and Arise Music Festival and a Manic Focus Live Band set at Summer Camp Music Festival!

What was your favorite track off “Future Flux EP?” Let us know in the comments or on socials in the replies!

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