Multi-genre electronic and instrumental savant Manic Focus is revered for his signature blues and electrofunk sound. He’s worked with the fellow biggest names in that space, ranging from GRiZ to Pretty Lights. However, the Denver-based producer explored other genres such as house, hip-hop, dubstep, and downtempo on his most recent albums and EPs. On today’s new release, Manic Focus returns to his bluesy roots with “You Do You,” which is almost certain to get your hips swingin’ and feet movin’.

This track encompasses everything great about Manic Focus’s classic sound. Chopped-up blues vocals give the track a nostalgic and somewhat melancholic feel. The bassline and beat are funky and incredibly danceable, emanating a classic hip-hop styling present in much of his discography. The uptempo beat is a great juxtaposition for the bluesy vocals. An acoustic guitar gives the track an Americana feel, as this track clearly pulls from a multitude of influences.

Manic Focus just announced the release of his seventh album, Never Not Blue. The 2023 album will explore the electro-blues sound that’s defined his career while pulling influence from hip-hop, dubstep, and Americana. To say we’re excited for this upcoming full-length work would be an absolute understatement!

I wanted to return to the blues-electronic style I was experimenting with in 2013, which led to this tune. I love combining classic blues sounds with modern synth elements! ” – Manic Focus

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