Who has their tickets for Sol Fest this coming May? This Electronic Bass Music and Arts Festival has one of the most stacked lineups of the year for the underground bass music lover! Campbellton Florida’s Sol Fest highlights some amazing talents ranging from Manic Focus to Minnesota to Mr. Bill to Super Future to Meso.

The festival also plans to showcase exquisite interactive art and other experiences including Frick Frack Blackjack, Black Sheep Circus, and day DJ springs parties. The venue features 1600-acres of land with natural springs known for camping, kayaking, and swimming.

Sol Fest has curated this event in honor of special souls in the music industry that have since passed, and plan to celebrate and remember these souls throughout the production of the festival! Something we are most excited about is the springs to awaken at night on Sunday with music, full production, lasers, and a special holographic water screen with a unique experience in honor of CharlesTheFirst,  who continues to leave heaps of his positive influence on the bass community since his unfortunate passing.

There are so many thrilling aspects scheduled for Sol Fest 2022, and we can’t wait to experience art coming to life in this mind-altering wonderland. The festival features three stages and seventy-plus artists. Below we’ve got a comprehensive list of some of our most notable names on the lineup, check it out and we may even introduce you to one of our new favorite producers!

Vibe Emissions

Leaving his footprints in the dubstep scene, Vibe Emissions has been working hard since the pandemic. This producer just released his ‘Heavyweight EP’ a couple weeks back and he brought some serious heat to the table on those tracks. The Pittsburgh artist brings a lot of exciting, creative energy to the dubstep world, so be sure to catch his set. His energy during his live performances is untouchable as he unleashes incredible bass tracks on the masses. Check out Vibe Emissions’ guest mix with HIHF below!

Zen Selekta

A DJ and producer out of Atlanta, GA by the stage name of Zen Selekta pairs chill deep dubstep with beautiful instrumentals to bring fresh sounds to the electronic music scene. This powerhouse of a lady has been playing shows and festivals all over the world since the pandemic ended. From Sound Haven to Infrasound, she’s surely been gaining momentum in the world of bass music. We also hosted her at our inaugural Cabin Fever Festival in 2020, which benefitted The Innocence Project. Zen Selekta is an act you absolutely can’t miss at this event.


FLY has been making his mark on the scene with his unique sounds and production prowess recently. This Los Angeles producer has created mind-boggling sounds in collaboration with artists such as Abelation, Player Dave, and Subdocta. He brought a lot of heat over the past year appearing at various shows across the states and playing at the illustrious EAZYBAKED & Friends performance at Okeechobee Music Festival last month. We’re very excited to take in that energy that he brings to the stage at Sol Fest!

Common Creation

We love this unique dubstep artist from Atlanta, GA. Psychedelic Soul Bass is his specialty and he does it beautifully. He played Daily Bread’s Daily Shred Festival, Wakaan’s New Year’s event, GRiZ’s Space Camp and so many more shows in 2021. Common Creation also just released his ‘Somber Science’ EP in February through Liquid Stranger’s SSKWAN label, showcasing encapsulating sounds that build a ton of excitement for his upcoming set at Sol Fest. Don’t miss out on his unique psychedelic stylings that perfectly mesh funk and bass!


DeeZ resides in Boston, MA and aims to put out tracks that push the listener out of their comfort zone and into the world of the unknown. This DJ and producer creates a variety of genres from dubstep to glitch-hop to DnB. DeeZ has been playing shows and fests worldwide during the last few years, ranging from Sound Haven Festival to performances in huge bass hubs like Chicago and Denver. HIHF featured an insane guest mix brought to you by DeeZ a few years back, check it out below! You cannot miss this artist at Sol Fest!


The EAZYBAKED duo continues to show that their presence is indescribable to a wide range of bass music listeners for the past seven years. These artists have been busy in recent years, playing festivals including Okeechobee and EDC Orlando, while also opening for GRiZ at his GRiZmas in July event. Their highly anticipated album ‘Intertwined’ was released just last month and showcased some of their best work to date. HIHF is so excited to experience the magic EAZYBAKED brings to Sol Fest!


This versatile producer has been making a HUGE name for himself in the dubstep scene in the last couple years. Ravenscoon played support on tours from Dirt Monkey and Peekaboo, while also playing some of the biggest festivals for the underground including Sound Haven, Dubaween, and The Untz Festival. Coming from San Francisco, this artist has become well-known for fusing tons of different genres within his sets, consisting of death metal, hip-hop, and punk rock obviously laced with loads of experimental bass and dubstep styles. Ravenscoon never fails to deliver with his live shows and we know that this specific set will not disappoint!


Toadface is known for his signature swampy and murky stylings. He’s been producing music since 2011 and has been leaving a deep impression on the scene every since! Do not miss out on Toadface’s set with his unique psychedelic dubstep sounds. He always leaves his crowds in shambles.

We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about the artists coming to you at Sol Fest this 2022! HIHF is very excited to attend this festival, let us know if you’ll be attending too down in the comments below.

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