Mantra Sounds is letting loose her latest project, The 7 Deadly Sins. Mantra says the idea for the seven-song album has been in the works for over two years now. She waited patiently as she experimented with new styles and techniques before she felt ready to take on the project with full force. Time spent with other projects such as Grim Steez prepared her to showcase the Victorian gothic identity of the album to a tee.

Forbidden Fruit Introsets a supernatural tone for the rest of the album. It utilizes a fluid spoken word vocal, emphasizing the poetry flow of Mantra’s lyrics.

“The devils not done crying so stop asking about the rain…sometimes getting a little wet helps ease up on all the pain” – lyrics from “Forbidden Fruit Intro”

Envy” picks up where the intro left off and continues its eerie tone. Grim Steez is featured with filtered down screaming vocals which are perfect for the track – reminiscent of a release from last year “dancing with the devil.”

Greed” also features the Grim Steez project and does so in a similar fashion with an emphasis on nasty beats and hard vocals. Mantra keeps her approach fresh as the tune kicks up the tempo and brings in new influences while the song progresses.

At this point, the album slows down for the “Purgatory Interlude”, symbolic of pride. Left within a static silence, Mantra explores the quiet in a very experiential way.

Sloth” picks the pace of the album back up and reintroduces experimental bass with frequent tempo changes and hardcore vocals.

Following up is “Gluttony”, another spooky collection of vocals that furthers the style of “Sloth” with a touch of nuance. Mantra does well to uniquely utilize the percussion section of the track to illustrate a vivid scene complete with motion and action behind the track.

Lust” once again slows the album down to a comfortable tempo. Featuring another set of poetic vocals, this deep dark lo-fi track is the perfect switch up near the album’s end.

Wrath” makes an appearance as a slowly progressing eerie presence. A sharp breath at the end of the track displays the sinister intent behind the quiet storm.

The album closes out with “Affirmations Outro” and returns to the spoken-word style of the intro. With fluid and poetic vocals, this is a perfect way to close out this artistic adventure.

“living in the moment and being alive is not the same thing, its never been the same thing” – Lyrics from “Affirmations Outro”

We hope you’ll enjoy this deep dark and aesthetically disturbing collection of tunes from Mantra Sounds. You can stream The 7 Deadly Sins Album down below and be sure to check out Mantra Sounds on her socials to let her know what you think of her new album!

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