Lucille Croft is back with a new dystopian EP “Patient X“, filled with massive, planet-rattling beats and an air of mystery. It follows a kind of storyline of the “post-human” form of Lucille Croft – Patient X. Drawing on aspects of her previous work, this dark electronic compilation melds multiple different influences together to create a unique listening experience. She recently put together a mix showcasing the sounds of her EP for 1001Tracklists, you can listen to it here!

Patient X left the following message via a “radio transmission from BAD WOLF HQ”:

“I was once human, like you. I was under their control, the harder I fought, the worse it got. Every word I spoke, every step I took, all of it, was preordained. I was molded, twisted, shaped, into ‘their’ version of the perfect human, the perfect artist, the perfect woman. 

They offer you the future, peace, happiness. What they’re really offering is the removal of your humanity, loss of control. They wanted me to be compliant, obedient, they thought this was their solution to deal with me.

But they didn’t realize what they’d done, until it was too late. They’ve removed my humanity, but gave me so much more. Power beyond imagination. They thought they could control me, but now, I have the power.  And now..  I’m out for blood.”

The EP moves with precision through otherworldly sound design, as the listener is catapulted into the unknown and taken on a journey through space and time. The tracklist itself serves as a roadmap for your time travels, from Patient X‘s generation in “Post Human” to the inception of their hunt in “Seduce/Destroy“.

Kill the Machine” is a collab with TMRRW and Bad/Love that has a heavy metal/punk influence with abrasive vocals that fuel this high-energy track. The palpable tension in this work oozes from every corner, taking the listener deeper down the rabbit hole.

Patient X comes back with a vengeance in “Out for Blood“, which features a higher tempo to match the frenzied search for sustenance. The mission continues with “More Blood” as we continue to race alongside Patient X, accented by impeccable sound design. Surely this won’t be the end of her pursuit…

This EP is a fantastic adventure through sound and we can’t wait to see Patient X reign supreme in her quest for planetary domination.

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