The experimental bass music community has some incredibly talented duos dominating the scene. One of the most prolific is the New Orleans futbol fanatics, sfam. With releases on iconic labels like Wakaan and Bassrush and an extensive list of collaborations with forward-thinking artists like Mersiv, ToadfaceDirt Monkey, and Eazybaked, these two friends invigorate the industry with cutting-edge innovative sounds. As if that wasn’t awe-inspiring enough, today sfam is proud to present their debut album, “below sea level.”

This new album comes overloaded with eccentric stank-face-inducing beats and some of the most exciting collabs of their careers. Ten tracks, including three collabs with TVBOOBuku, and G-Space“below sea level” is their most monumental release to date. 

The first collab is the premiere single “doit4da” with TVBOO. Showing off these artists’ wild and quirky side, this is one of the most intricate and far-out tracks. This collaboration perfectly captured the essence of the album and set the mood for the rest of the journey, an experience like no other. 

“Yaheardme” comes in as the second collab with the prolific bass producer Buku. Coming from these two powerhouse bass acts, it’s no surprise this is one of the heaviest tracks on the album.

The final collab is with the infamous back-flipping bass guru, G-Space. This track has a little bit of everything you could want with drum and bass vibes leading into heavy dubs. 

Other favorites off the album include “below sea level,” “broken ladder,” and “check it.” With their disgustingly filthy trap beats, sfam brought “below sea level” to an entirely new depth of dark, ominous beats. Minimal and yet incredibly complex, this work of art deserves the utmost credit. Big things on the horizon from sfam, you know we will continue to follow their journey as they continue to impress fans across the world!

Turn up the volume and lose yourself in the abyss as sfam takes you “below sea level!” What’s your favorite track off their debut album? Let us know in the comments below or on our socials!

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