Hex Cougar and Juelz, two young trap legends in the making have linked up for a highly anticipated collab, “Ur Body” off of Alter/Ego Records.

Hex Cougar is back releasing off of his Alter/Ego record label and there has been no project we have been anticipating more in 2022 than this one. He is leading off with a long-awaited collab with trap phenom and genre-defining memer Juelz.

We’ve written a lot about Hex in the past so it should be no surprise to see his name pop up in today’s blog. In the past we’ve covered his full collab EP, Genesis (released on Alter/Ego), his monstrous Sable Valley debut collab with Heimanu, “Ghost“, and many of the releases before, after, and in between. Needless to say, we are a huge fan of his over at HIHF and need no more reason than his years of track record of being one of the premier names in Trap and Wave.

Hex’s style is varied and hard to pin down, which is naturally the result of being such a talented and forward-thinking producer. But if you had to distill his style into its component parts you could do worse than to say it is distinct, euphoric, heavy, emotional, and crispy clean. The man makes some of the biggest-sounding tracks feel both ready for the festival stage and also perfect for the four AM basement rave. It is in this style that he has found a voice and through his founding of Alter/Ego records, a conduit for releasing even more innovative music from other up-and-comers.

His ability to deliver on collaborative projects is nothing short of astounding as the number of producers he has worked with or released with grows constantly. While it’s not a surprise, the fact that he has linked up with another game-changing producer in Juelz is a cause for celebration here in the middle of March.

Which naturally brings us to Juelz. This man is a force of nature himself with some of the biggest releases to hit the scene in the last few years. I don’t think you could throw a rock in a room full of music heads and hit someone who hasn’t popped off to Formula”, his debut Sable Valley collab with label head RL Grime.

There is a certain Je ne sais quoi about Juelz’s style that makes him one of our favorite producers to follow. He has the trap anthems that play on the big stage. He has the remix packs that remind you of the OG SoundCloud days. He’s got the rap influence that calls back to the original Trap scene of the early 2000s to 2010s. He even released tracks with heavy Latin influences that make reggaeton feel ready for the warehouse. His versatility is second to none and for that reason, upon each new Juelz release, we smack that f5 button until we see what is coming next.

I could wax poetic about these two for pages and pages, but that isn’t why you come to Heard It Here First. You come to HIHF to hear the latest and hottest of what is coming out of the electronic music scene and that is what we are here to talk about today. One of the biggest things to hit the streamers today is “Ur Body” by these two generation-defining voices of EDM trap, This track delivers on the hype and then some.

“Ur Body” is as complex and multifaceted as you’ll see from a track released this year. With two distinct sections that at one time stand alone and blend together beautifully, the first section leads in with emotional pitched-up vocals, a euphoric build, and a complete atomic bomb of a drop. After that first drop, a bridge comes in with those same emotive vocals and the audience is treated to another classic Juelz sounding drop.  From there, you would normally guess that you might get a third drop similar to the first two. Oh no, honey. From the two and half minute mark until the end of the song we are brought into a DnB – esque breakdown with those same female vocals pulsing in the background and drawing us in. The blend of the two energies in this song promise many listens of pure enjoyment with more to discover on each go-around.

Ur Body” is an absolute masterpiece and if you know what’s good for you, drop everything you’re doing and listen right now (below) and let us know what you think in the comments!

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