The time is finally upon us, the return of heavy bass deity SVDDEN DEATH is nigh with the arrival of his seminal masterpiece “Voyd 2″. Coming three years after the release of the most recent and initial installment in the Voyd journey, SVDDEN DEATH’s new project looms large as yet another crowning achievement in his meteoric rise to dubstep superstardom.

Beginning to release bass music as SVDDEN DEATH in 2017 with his iconic track “prismatic” released on Never Say Die records, SVDDEN DEATH has rapidly spread the dark wings of his ominous sound over the entirety of the bass music world over the past few years.

In 2018, Following the success of his breakout hit “Angel Style”, SVDDEN DEATH rapidly released a series of dancefloor-ready bangers with the likes of Borgore, Subtronics, and AFK. After this string of trendsetting successes, we began the Voyd journey with Voyd Vol 1, which featured his festival-favorite dubstep anthem “Behemoth.”

Today’s new album marked SVDDEN DEATH’s third extended play release. That first release in the Voyd project, Voyd, was a groundbreaking storytelling experience as well as a treasure trove of dubstep slappers. From there, he continued the series with Voyd 1.5 in 2019 as well as a stunning and often shocking series of live performances at major music festivals.

His live performances are widely acclaimed for their immersive and original nature, as well as numerous and increasingly complex performance stunts. Shattering algorithms, the viral video of SVDDEN DEATH appearing to levitate during his performance at the Hollywood Pallidum truly catapulted the Voyd performance experience into infamy. With the release of Voyd 2, SVDDEN DEATH takes us another step further down the dark path he treads.

When asked to comment on his monumental work, SVDDEN DEATH had this to say:

 “I finally got to a point where I felt I was happy with ‘VOYD II’; after hundreds of iterations of each song, selecting the right ones, and curating the proper flow that I thought represented VOYD best, I knew it was time to let the public hear it.

I wanted this album to be more than just a dubstep album. It needed to tell a story and flow well… and I think that it does that. With thirteen tracks and five skits that help break up the album, I think it’s something that I can call complete and is very special to me. I hope you guys enjoy it or I’m gonna lose my f***ing mind! I have so much more in store for this project – the music is just one piece of a very large puzzle that is VOYD.”

Beginning with an ominous intro titled “ACT I”, Voyd 2 immediately invokes a well-known vocal sample from Svdden Death’s live performances stating “Hello, this is Voyd” before leading into the first track. “Maze of Punishment” is a tour de force, displaying the incredible range and depth of SVDDEN DEATH’s now-iconic sound design. Mixing his signature aggression with a looming and terrifying tone, “Maze of Punishment” starts the album off with an incredible wallop.

In the following track, “Dream Sequence”, SVDDEN DEATH draws forth fan-favorite tune “Transmutation Sequence”, but, in a more complex variation. Blending riddim musical conventions with a highly experimental sound design, the result is a high energy and incredibly danceable juggernaut of sonic destruction.

As we proceed through the album, more fan favorites are summoned to meet the ears of the listener, specifically such widely coveted IDs as “Thirst for Revenge”, “Valley of Darkness”, and numerous other unreleased plates featured in live sets and spread vast across social media.

Tunes from the album weave a sinister tapestry of dark mystery and menace, combining undeniable grooves and danceable rhythms with crushing, guttural and savage drums and beats. Every song on the album is an instant classic, stretching the genre and our understanding of the Voyd project to the very limits. Tracks such as “Magic Armor” and notably “Act II”, ponder philosophical points, a voice suggesting at one point that “no amount of armor will save you from yourself”. This meditative bent is indicative of a deeper, darker twist in the Voyd series, drawing the listener in, not only with immaculate music but also creating questions and building a storyline as a means to a greater vision.

The album concludes its incredible trajectory in a mysterious and haunting outro entitled “Final Act“, leaving the listener hanging in the silence, wondering, what exactly did we just experience? Where do we go from here? And most importantly, what’s next for Voyd?

In the aftermath of this cataclysmic release, fans are sure to be wanting more fire from SVDDEN DEATH. What was your favorite off Voyd Volume 2? Let us know in the comments or social media links below!

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