Josh Rubin has kicked off his production career with a new Bosquet collab, “Picture.” Rubin showcases his new sound and style with this beautiful new tune. Get ready to heal your love wounds with this new emotional song!

Rubin, a budding singer-songwriter, is making a mark with his new music. He is known for his passionate vocals on tracks with Nurko, Reaper, ARMNHMR, and Pixel Terror and has been featured on labels such as Seeking Blue, Monstercat, Lowly, and Proximity. Now with music production under his belt, we are excited to hear what’s coming next! 

Bosquet, also known as Ahrya Far, is one half of Pixel Terror and is an excellent collaborator for this experimental pop song. LA-Based Far is known for his producing and songwriting skills and we are thrilled to see him featured on “Picture.”

“Picture”  begins with Josh Rubin’s vocals quickly grabbing your heart with powerful lyrics about love and pain. It’s a song to let your emotions flow when dealing with past relationships and moving on from them. The vocals and kicks make it a poppy track and then the guitar notes add an indie emotional feeling.

The fresh sound “Picture”  provides does a great job of making heartbreak appear beautiful. The song is catchy with melodic guitars and lyrics that will have you singing along. Josh and Bosquet combine their sounds to form a refreshing melodic-dance tune we didn’t know we needed. “Picture” is is a nice teaser that has left us wanting to hear more of what Josh Rubin is working on!

Here is what Josh Rubin had to say about his new single

Everyone has their own perception of love and relationships and it usually comes from personal experience. One bad heartbreak can completely change your perspective and makes it so much harder to want to jump in again. In the end, most of us just want that fairy tale romance, and this song talks about just that. This song is about trying to forget past heartbreaks and the hope that the right person will come along to help heal those wounds and paint a whole new picture of what it’s like to be in love.” – Josh Rubin

Did Josh Rubin and Bosquet’s single “Picture” help paint a better picture of your past relationships? You can stream “Picture”  down below and let us know your thoughts down in the comments or on our socials!

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