FRQ NCY is a name that should definitely be on your radar. With roots in percussion and rhythm, the producer has performed alongside names like Yheti, Buku, Esseks, and more. He has also released tracks on esteemed labels like Bassrush, Electric Hawk Records, and SoundMuseum. Today, he returns to his quickly growing fanbase in the form of his beautiful new Bloom EP.

The Bloom EP follows his masterful Gems EP, which was released in Fall 2021. It weaved a similar web of ethereal and intricate soundscapes that turned heads across the industry. Now, FRQ NCY returns to the masses with a just as impressive follow-up in the form of the Bloom EP, featuring three beautiful new tunes from the constantly improving artist.

Previous works from FRQ NCY like “Crystals In My Beard” and “Entangled” have shown that he can master experimental bass efforts to a tee, as he has drawn inspiration from OGs like Rusko, The Glitch Mob, Skream, and Mt. Eden. His Gems EP showed off how he can blend that crunchy, boisterous sound with future bass synths perfectly. We get a bit more of that sound today on Bloom, carefully constructed beats that serve dually in the ‘weird bass’ and ‘soothing future bass’ realms.

Bloom gets things started off right with “The Shadow,” which begins with glistening synths that eventually lead into a calming, airy atmosphere. It then breaks down into an experimental bass blaster, perfect for dubstep and future bass fans alike. Next is “Morning,” which served as the single for the project. This was our personal favorite and FRQ NCY’s as well. It brings an onslaught of different sounds to the table, filling listeners’ ears with both synth-laden euphoric beats and a hefty dose of bass.

Closing things out is “Floresence,” which honestly sounds like what would happen if Flume dropped a filthy and hypnotic house tune. The mixture of genres brought to the table on this final track is out of this world and proves once again what FRQ NCY is capable of, with any style he chooses to dabble in.

Here’s what FRQ NCY had to say about the new EP, compared to Gems:

“I see Bloom as the aftermath of Gems, or an extension. I wanted to make something simple yet relatable on an emotional level for those that listen to this EP; perhaps a feeling of growth, and an unspoken understanding of what the music is trying to relay.” – FRQ NCY

What did you think of FRQ NCY’s Bloom EP? Be sure to tune into our IG story today and let us know, as he is doing an official HIHF IG Takeover starting at noon, with the Q&A starting at 5pm ET.

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