UNKNWN, the project behind Brock Muellner, creates an atmospheric sound that distinguishes him from the crowd. He has experimented with luscious melodies and low-end downtempo that have attracted new fans quickly. Releases with Gravitas Recordings, Wavecraft, and Spicy Bois have allowed him to thrive. Today, UNKNWN offers a glimpse of what his future holds with a jaw-dropping new single, “Synesthesia.”

Kicking off the track, UNKNWN brings forth a soothing ambient melody that sparks a pleasant mood. Percussions follow as the energy unfolds right in front of you. Continuing on this adventure, you are gifted with the sounds that he is well known for. He adds a supersonic landscape once again to provide a feel-good, atmospheric experience as you traverse through the music. It ends on a high note, leaving you refreshed and energetic.

Today’s tune also comes in light of a recent event UNKNWN’s family went through. The Muellners are currently raising funds to aid their father, Scott, on his road to healing. You can click here to donate and support the cause, and we continue to send our prayers for a speedy recovery.

“Synesthesia” is yet another beautiful track that UNKNWN has crafted. This is an adventure we enjoyed dearly, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for him. Be sure to check out the track below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments or on our socials!

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