It’s 2022 and we, Electronic Music Fans Inc., just keep on eating. Odesza is back with The Knocks on their latest single, “Love Letter” and it’s yet another winner.

Odesza shocked the electronic music community by abruptly coming out of hibernation with The Last Goodbye a few weeks back. It is evident that once the new music train got rolling for the Seattle-based duo, there was no stopping it. With their third single release in just over a month, we are now gifted with the highest-energy track of the album thus far and with The Knocks, we couldn’t be anymore stoked.

There isn’t much that will unite the diverse crowd that contains all fans of electronic music, but based on my Twitter feed if there was one artist to do it, it is Odesza. Fans from seemingly all sub-genres have rejoiced as Odesza has not only started releasing music again but also announced three show dates in Seattle (which all sold out pretty much immediately!) It has been clear that they’ve been sharpening their songwriting over the past few years as the first two tracks released have been beautiful compositions that retain their classic atmospheric sound while fitting perfectly on the dance floor. With an album clearly on the way, they are keeping the releases coming with a fresh jam featuring the vocals of another well-known electronic duo: The Knocks.

This one has been a long time coming as The Knocks teased a collab all the way back in March of 2019.

This also isn’t the first time the NYC-based electronic pair has worked on an Odesza track. Their well-received remix of “Falls” delivered a bouncy house rework to one of the classic songs from A Moment Apart. No stranger to that vibe, The Knocks have been releasing “carefree electronic sound that draws from soul, funk, disco, hip hop, house and pop” for years now. With a list of musical influences that long, you know the discography is going to be varied and while that is true, they have managed to put out some of the biggest dance floor tunes to hit the scene in the last ten years. With that in mind, it isn’t hard to understand why fans were so hyped to see the teaser video Odesza tweeted out with the song title and feature written on a cassette tape.

Love Letter” pulls in some classic Odesza elements and benefits from the iconic vocals of The Knocks’ lead singer, Ben “B-Roc” Ruttnerand an extremely funky breakdown. The song feels both atmospheric and dancy in a style that only this pairing of artists could deliver. The listener is treated to a beautiful string-laden breakdown near the middle of the track and then is brought back a bouncy high-energy section through the latter half. It wraps up with those same gorgeous strings that bring us back to what we loved the most from Odesza’s last album. This one is an instant classic and is sure to get fans even more excited for the (finished) album that is set to release on July 22nd, 2022.

Since I know you listened to it, let us know what you think of Love Letter below in the comments!

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