There may be no one better at creating immersive audio/visual experiences than Odesza. In fact, the Seattle-based duo puts such a high priority on this that they retain multiple visual artists on their label, Foreign Family Collective. Building on their reputation for ambitious A/V projects, they spent the last two weekends hosting a six-minute artistic journey in the Antarctic Dome at Coachella.

Having personally witnessed this at Coachella, I can confirm that their ability to source visuals that pair perfectly with their music hasn’t gone anywhere. With that success right in their rearview mirror, they have brought that visual element to debut their latest single, “Behind the Sun“. Today’s track was debuted with a jaw-dropping official video that had fans going wild in the live chat.

Their upcoming The Last Goodbye album has been garnering some of the most attention in electronic music since its initial announcement. “Love Letter” and “Better Now” both received critical acclaim. They aren’t slowing down the release train with another big track dropping today. After three gorgeous, vocal-heavy releases, fans were wondering what would come next and didn’t have to wait long to find out.

Behind The Sun” opens with a tribal chant vocal section and then quickly follows with the iconic crispy-clean Odesza snares (remember the drumline, anyone?). It then builds and quickly drops into a syncopated, pulsing rhythmic section that is exploding with energy. After the bridge, the track builds to a crescendo that releases with euphoric Odesza synths. It is the mark of a true artist to be at one time inventive and distinct in your sound design, Odesza has proven time and time again that they can achieve this with ease. Every part of this song feels fresh but in an instant, you can identify who is on the other end, brilliantly crafting this next work of art.

To fully appreciate this track, you are going to have to catch Odesza on their tour this year. Or next year’s, or the following year’s… they’re known for extended tour schedules. The inclusion of a real drumline and actual brass instruments makes this track perfect for their live show. As another positive, you don’t even have to try and imagine what visual would work well with this song as they’ve released an official video to pair with “Behind The Sun.”

Check out the link to the video and track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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