Both Black Carl! and Player Dave enjoy playing with the dichotomy between fast and slow rhythms in their music, so their new collaboration EP, “Fallen Petal” is a perfect match for them to explore those styles. The two-track EP covers both with a dark half-time track in “Petal” followed up by the crisp drum and bass tune, “Fallen.” The intricate drum work and perfectly modest amounts of grit in both can only be described as a seamless meshing of these two great artists’ definitive sounds.

“Petal” truly is a masterclass on restraint. The meat of the rhythm, the kick, and snare, are small and tightly glued down in the mix which gives room for a stabby bassline. An unsettling melody sustains throughout as the song ebbs and flows into more aggressive neuro-bass fills and blown-out drum breaks. 

“Fallen” takes a more introspective feeling. The drums are really clear and precise while ethereal vocal chops and a light synth melody wander delicately. The song has very progressive energy in the way it sustains the interest as each element swells and fades. It’s worth noting that both tracks feel related in that the second half of each is more aggressive and more saturated with distortion than the first half.

Black Carl! and Player Dave made sure this EP has something for everyone, a little grit and a lot of flow. With both artists touring this year and Black Carl! performing at both Sol Fest and Imagine Festival, there are plenty of opportunities to see these two artists in action.

Crates I’m Putting This EP Into: Rainy Day, Deep Dark, Halftime Wubs

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