Using gleaming 8-bit resonance and abrasive bass, JPEBRO has been in the kitchen cooking up a scrumptious discography. Traversing chiptune music, melodic themes, dubstep, and sometimes even hardbass, his production style takes us back in time while pushing the music forward. This mint up-and-comer has worked with Shelternet Records, Odio Records, and fellow multi-genre producer Akeos. Now, he is coalescing with the artist collective, Etherflux, to deliver a brutal bass heater, “Digital Misery.”

Etherflux is a collective of aspiring and established artists with the common goal of publishing music independently and supporting one another. With a wide array of productions styles and levels, Etherflux’s sound is hard to pin down, together they are known for Artcore and Rhythm Game Music.

“Digital Misery” is JPEBRO’s standout track from Etherflux’s fifth compilation album, BOSSFIGHT. Etherflux and JPEBRO fuse their video game-inspired styles and inject the tune with a heavy dose of both grit and valor. “Digital Misery” flawlessly moves through triumphant melodies and destructive bass, while still allowing the time for an auditory universe to come to life between each drop. Even though the release is just shy of six minutes, it sucks you into its atmosphere and you’ll be running it back before you know it.

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