Glasse is a mold-breaking composer and producer who orchestrates worlds of their own. The LA-based multi-talented musical maven is also a freelance visual artist, creating cover art and motion graphics for other musicians, and an artist manager. Their love for narrative-driven video games has influenced and inspired them to use their diverse audio-visual skill-set to tell connected stories with their art. Glasse’s release today, “The Keeper Of Death, is no different.

Glasse sets the tone for “The Keeper Of Death’‘ with the cover art created by fellow producer and visual artist Amaryllis. The image holds conflicting feelings, where the red, warm forest invites you in while it carries hints of dark, mysterious passion. We sit at the feet of a peculiar place, the cold unknown just out of sight.

The single opens similarly, with warm and endearing synths layered with harrowing violin and emotionally unsettling piano. “The Keeper Of Death” then quickly opens up to an epic orchestra and grand world. Conflicting feelings of unease and perseverance are deeply laced in the track. Glasse pushes a profound narrative of escaping from death through emotional chords and melodies. The track closes at the climax fueled by electric guitar and breakbeats with hints of victory.

Glasse’s “The Keeper Of Death” is fit for a film soundtrack, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below or on our socials!

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