Tek Savvy is an Austin-based trap and dubstep DJ who is taking the world by storm with her infectious beats and stage presence. The young artist has provided support for huge names like Blunts & Blondes, SubDocta, ATLiens, and more, bringing her hybrid trap and bass sound to the stage and effectively leaving jaws on the ground.

Today, we are linking up with this up and comer for the seventy-fifth edition of our guest mix series. Tek Savvy brings the dubstep firepower on this one. She’s the perfect addition to our ever-growing list of bright futures who have contributed to the HIHF guest mix series. Featuring music from Ray Volpe, blurrd vzn, Sora, VRG, Volt, bd hbt, yojas, and tons more, throw this one at the gym, to pregame your next show, or just whenever you are craving some heavy bass mixed with filthy EDM-trap.

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invasion – volt

776 – dack janiels x gawm 

phantom – blurrd vzn 

playboi carti – r.i.p (sora flip)

id – tek savvy x bd hbt 

clipz – saint miller 

sicko – ciulla 

griztronics x casablanca – (crizzly edit)

core – (ray volpe flip)

id – tek savvy

warfare – two lit x jairu 

mind controller – nanoo x dyatic 

i can (ft twnty8) – bd hbt x yojas 

exterminate – frosttop remix

dual blade – blvck sheep x felmax 

woke up – gunpoint 

nitti gritti x gaeko x kaku – pass out (gawm remix)

flabbergast – chompa x cvptvgon (vip)

id – tek savvy

grex x sully – back it up (pashmonix remix)

switch x bodies x i can’t stop x mosh pit x in the pit x prison riot x atlantis super rave (valdeez edit)

crunk ain’t dead x rumble x ruff (crizzly edit)

reconnect – w in k 

don’t stop – hairitage

sweater weather (neotek flip)

midnight city (vrg edit)

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