Up and coming Canadian producer RENN released a new single today titled “End Of Time” featuring Amitav. This song will help express all your late-night feelings at once, making it the lullaby you didn’t know you needed!

RENN is already leaving a mark in the scene with releases on Subsidia, Rude Service, and Simplify Records. From midtempo to future bass, RENN has been unleashing many bangers from different sub-genres, showing us how powerful of a producer he is. “End of Time”  gives us a taste of his melodic sound and we DEFINITELY want to hear more of it. Catch him performing live at his festival debut in Canada at Escapade Music Festival in June this year!

“End of Time”  embraces you with lyrics that describe the feeling of losing yourself at night to neverending thoughts you can’t escape from. It also paints a picture of looking up at the stars in the night sky reminiscing about memories you want to hold onto forever. Sleepless nights filled with loneliness is something many of us can relate to and RENN is able to capture those exact thoughts within this track.

With his beats and Amitav’s vocals guiding you on this journey, you finally make it to the end of the endless loops of thoughts. The drops and kicks are gentle but hard-hitting at the same time, which showcases how well “End of Time” is crafted together by the young artist. It ends with descending notes as if the end of time really is here. It is a sweet ending to a long emotional night that will help put our minds at ease.

Here is what RENN had to say about Amitav’s vocals on “End of Time” via Twitter:

Does RENN and Amitav’s new “End of Time” single capture your late-night feelings? Listen below and let us know in the comments on our social media!

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