Halftime is arguably the defining sound of the bass music underground currently, and few do it as well as Undehfined. The east coast-based producer burst onto the scene with incredible sound design prowess and infectious energy. His latest single “Til It Breaks” is an essential addition to his discography, as it encapsulates all that has made the Undehfined project so great and noteworthy.

Undehfined has quickly risen through the bass music ranks. Previously, he has released on bass music stalwarts such as Left Coast Xtracts and Headbang Society. His 2022 has been defined by self-released heaters such as “Crunch Time” and a VIP edit of “Subside.”  He is slated to make an appearance this summer at the revered Sound Haven Music Festival, as well as Dreamscape and Nocturnal Funktion.

“Til It Breaks” begins with backing harmonies and an alarm-like synth alerting listeners (and innocent bystanders) of what’s to come. The track’s main bassline soon takes over, utilizing both high and low frequencies to diversify the soundscape. Chopped and cut-up vocals punctuate the entire track. Its second drop is what raises this tune from a simple halftime heater to a must-rinse for any bass DJ, as Undehfined employs a heavy drumstep-style percussion pattern. Sustained bass synths combined with rolled hi-hats give this drop incredible depth, making certain that the listener will run the track back over and over again.

Are you going to blast this one through your speaker “Til It Breaks?” Let us know in the comments below!

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