Last year, we had the pleasure of providing onsite coverage for Sound Haven. It was the most anticipated bass festival of 2021. Not only was the lineup STACKED, but it also brought the community together from multiple parts of the country. Despite running into one or two small roadblocks, the festival received praise from fans and producers alike. This year’s edition is primed to be a major success in 2022.

Now, Sound Haven gifts us their stunning phase one lineup, and it’s already a MASSIVE upgrade from last year!


This year’s main headliner is Jade Cicada! It’s not often we see Jade on a lineup like this and we know he’s going to sling some insane heat when he steps on the stage! Following the headliner, the next two lines feature some of bass music’s biggest names. Hailing these tiers are Detox UnitKursaMinnesota, the legendary dubstep king RuskoDaily Bread, and HIHF-favorite Mize.

Continuing down the list are our favorite mainstays in the scene. This features Dalek OneEazybakedEnigma DubzMickman, Smoakland (TWO sets this year), Super Future, and Vide. These and so many more are amazing performers that we cannot wait to see hit the stage again.

The last tier of artists is our favorite. There are plenty of our favorite up-and-comers in ChmuraComisarFloret Loret, Meduso, MythmTape B, UjuuViskus and Zingara. We also see an influx of smaller names getting their chance to shine. A few names that stand out are Chef BoyarbeatzGRGLYJamLJiV Tunic, Bread Winner, and Undehfined. This is a great mix of incredible sounds coming to showcase what they’re all about!

Location & Info

Sound Haven will take place at a brand new location: Catoosa Event Center in Jamestown, Tennessee! This is a large area that provides attendees with more space for camping, a beautiful lake and creek (did we say it was kayak-friendly?), and plenty more! Sacred Hive has already teased what the new space looks like, and boy, we are excited to step foot on the new grounds.

We can’t wait to see what Sound Haven has in store for us this year, especially after smashing their 2022 lineup out of the park. All information, including tickets, FAQs, and applications, can be found on their website here!

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