DMC World DJ Champion Jon1st and 20/20 LDN affiliate Shield have teamed up to bring fans the second single from their forthcoming ‘Focus’ EP, titled “Strangers“. Crafted during the pandemic, this whole work was written remotely from their personal studios in Leicester and Copenhagen. The first single, Distortion, was released two weeks ago, with the full EP release slated for May 19.

The two incredibly talented artists came together for a massively successful tour across the US over the years previous. They have an almost effortless flow between them, which was especially prevalent in a video the two made for their latest track. This live rendition of “Strangers” was posted to their Instagram, which you can watch here. Jon1st and Shield are so in sync you would never guess that this track was crafted while working remotely.

Emphatic chimes ring through the intro as the track builds intensity. More and more elements are gradually layered together, creating an expansive soundscape that envelops listeners in its midst. Vast synths, staccato melodies, and opulent baselines are abundant throughout the track. It is a fantastic second taste of what is sure to be a delicious EP.

‘Our goal with ‘Focus’ was to reflect the multi-tempo approach we’d been developing in our live show before the pandemic, as well as creating a mixture of delicate and heavy tracks. ‘Strangers’ took us on a journey somewhere between the two feelings: we wanted to create something lo-fi and dreamy, but also upbeat and cinematic as the track progresses’ –  Jon1st

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