Bass music wunderkind Sully is back with “Deeper,” a new solo single out now through renowned freeform label Wakaan. The Michigan-based producer has impressed dubstep fans across the globe for years now with his signature style of rich, mind-bending basses and musical songwriting. His recent collab with Dirt Monkey, “King Kong,” highlights this ability to craft huge basses alongside catchy melodic hooks. With Deeper  he takes his passion for melody and runs with it.

Sully’s “Deeper”  opens up with a gorgeous introduction that features airy synth pads, shimmering effects, and a hypnotizing vocal hook from Han.irl. Ambient guitar licks provide acoustic flavor, while a syncopated pluck plays off the percussion, providing a pop vibe that shows a new side of Sully. The build teases euphoric energy that is fully realized in the chorus. Fluttery pads, fast arpeggios, vocal chops, rich basses, and upbeat, dancey drums blend together into this dazzling melodic midtempo section. The bass rhythm hits perfectly in the second half of the chorus, and it’s clear that Sully has struck a perfect balance between danceability, broad appeal, and his own signature sound.

The midsection brings back the vocals, with strong guitar lines and synths that mesh perfectly. The vocal hook leads us back into a second build, followed by a melodic drum and bass section that is guaranteed to have you moving. Choppy basses, vocal cuts, and ethereal synths morph into a heavier second section of the chorus, with Sully’s renowned sound design skills on full display. The vocal ambience and chops spin around the listener’s head while the basses are a gut punch in the best way possible. These elements are underlaid by a strong percussive foundation and accented by bells, plucks, and effects to create a rich, deep ocean of sound that we found ourselves floating in with smiles on our faces.

With “Deeper,” Sully has taken a step forward with his project and toward a sound that is more aligned with his musical taste and production style. It is a unique blend, he’s combined the incredible freeform bass sound design and clean mixing that we know and love him for with a talent for crafting progressions and hooks that will undoubtedly have a broad appeal.

Here’s what Sully had to say about the piece:

“‘Deeperhas been an ongoing project for about four years now and, to this day, is still my favorite track I’ve ever worked on. It’s gone through so many revisions over the years and there were many times when I felt like I lost sight of what the end result should sound like[,] but I always knew this song was special to me and I couldn’t be happier that I saw it through.

‘Deeper’ showcases what the future sounds like from the Sully project – while I’ll always be passionate for experimental sound design and unique rhythms – I have always had a DEEPER passion for melody and songwriting. I couldn’t be more excited to start this new chapter of my musical journey with the community and I think Deeper’ is the perfect segue into this new world.” – Sully

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented musician and look forward to seeing him live this summer at Bang Bang, Global Dance Festival, Electric Zoo, and more.

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