RamonPang’s sound can be pinned down somewhere between the convergence of leftfield ambiance and IDM with Trap bangers. Although, to pin him down would be a disservice to his ability to take on a genre while flawlessly making it his own. This is evident throughout RamonPang’s many different aliases and even the occasional bombshell on main like “Pangcore.”

After releasing one of our favorite albums in 2021 and as if he never left the studio, RamonPang started building and curating what would become his sophomore album. Today, we get a peek of what is to come with the project’s leading single, “Hold Me Under.”

“Hold Me Under” draws you in with a peculiar beat that drags you to the edge of your seat with curiosity and anticipation. Without notice, the track opens up wide, flooding you with ambient synths and palpitating percussions. Just as quickly as it opens, the single pulls you back in close for an intimate arrangement of glitching drums and warm vocals. RamonPang expertly weaves through this opening and closing of space within the release, sealing it off with fleeting synths and a whispering vocal.

With “Hold Me Under” the r/trap frequenter pulls from his inspirations and collaborators to fine-tune ideas while making them uniquely his. Drawing from Sinjin Hawke’s drum style that tickles a track without overpowering it, leaving room for booming 808’s reminiscent of early Trap legends like Flosstradamus and RL Grime. He also cites Flume’s blistered and blended bass heater, “Wormhole,” and the unadulterated artistry pumping out of 1985 Music as influences.

What do you think of RamonPang’s “Hold Me Under” and what are you expecting from the rest of the project? Let us know down below in the comments or on our socials!

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