Chicago-based producer Ian Snow is back with his most mind-melting work to date in the form of the Above The Clouds EP, released through Gravitas Recordings. The three-song collection is a strong showing coming from Ian’s new project; it’s cohesive, bold, and sonically outrageous in the best way possible. Above The Clouds sets a perfect tone that we can’t wait to hear live.

Ian Snow has performed at festivals such as Electric Forest, Lost Lands, Spring Awakening, Camp Bisco, Global Dance Festival, and more. In 2020, he rebranded from SNOWMASS and launched his project with a new, elevated sound. The pandemic must have been a difficult time to kickstart a new alias, but we’re thrilled to see where he’s landed in 2022. 

The first track off the EP, “Eyes Closed,” kicks off with a bang. A gritty bassline rides underneath an intense vocal from Born I and immediately hooks the listener. Strong, punchy drums lay down a strong rhythm alongside big bass and anthemic vocals, the track lends itself to a sonic experience that would absolutely SMASH in a live setting. In the second half of the track, Ian teases a double-time drum pattern before dropping into a chorus section that sees variation in the bass and the introduction of a spacey synth line. This track is a banger, full stop.

With the second track, “Revelation,” Ian Snow changes the vibe of Above The Clouds while remaining cohesive in his production techniques and sound design. A wistful intro features ambient plucks and shimmering effects, creating the perfect psychedelic atmosphere. Big drums and layered basses prepare the listener for the first chorus section where Ian pulls out all the stops. A bouncy drum beat underlies a brain-melting bassline. The sound design is spectacular here: the huge wompy sounds are tasteful and clean and strike the perfect balance between relaxing and energetic. Vocals interspersed throughout the chorus sections add the human element that is so often overlooked by producers. Another great entry.

The third and final track of Above The Clouds is… “Above The Clouds.” The title track opens up with a gorgeous intro, featuring a blend of synths, basses, and effects that meld together to create another amazing atmosphere. The chorus sections feature a cyberpunk-esque bass and synth section with ambient plucks that shimmer above the rest like mist over an endless ice field. The vibe of this track is uplifting yet mysterious and hopeful, yet nostalgic. This is an awesome tune that will be a staple in my queue for a long time to come.

Above The Clouds is an outstanding body of work and a great sign of what we can expect from Ian Snow. With his experience in live performance and music that would blow minds in a live setting, we hope to see him at a festival or concert soon.

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