After over a year, the Australia-based producer of all things bass, funk, and glitch, Opiuois back at it in full force with his groovy new track, “Gravitate.”  Featuring vocals from one of Australia’s prominent contemporary artists, Jordan Dennis, this new release is loaded with trippy bass, funky beats, and smooth pop/hip-hop vocals.

“Gravitate” feels like Opiuo married his track with Clozee“Bam Bam” with a work of art from someone like Justin Timberlake or Timbaland. The funky bass drop is similar but drags listeners into a mind-melting bassline laden with bass guitar. Jordan Dennis jumps in and takes over with a hybrid of pop and hip-hop, taking “Gravitate” to an entirely new level. Opiuo continues to work his magic, layering low and high-end bass over psychedelic synths throughout the entire track and effortlessly concocting yet another beautiful and funky fresh soundscape to add to his discography. It’s impossible to listen without busting out some moves.

“Gravitate” is a vibe from start to finish and will surely be a fan favorite. Here is what Opiou had to say about his new release “Gravitate”:

“Gravitate started as many Opiuo songs often do, me just messing around in my studio. But something was different about this beat. It had a swing and flow like nothing I’d done before, and I knew I needed a super quality vocal across it. I’d been a fan of Jordan’s for years and had no one else in my mind to send this beat to… so I let him work his magic.” – Opiuo 

Don’t forget to peep the music video below! Hallucinatory visuals blended with this mental track deliver an insane audio-visual experience.

Did Opiuo’s new track “Gravitate” make you dance uncontrollably, or was it just us? Let us know in the comments below or on our socials!

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