Ja’Rel Mitchell, also known as Ka’vierre, is a multimedia artist with roots touched down in Portland, Oregon. The surrounding environment of the Pacific Northwest intertwines with his personal experiences of emotional growth and stamina, which just so happened to instigate the creation of his five-track EP: Oura. 

Ka’vierre experiments with the enigmatic experience of future beats with a photographic coil of dynamic contrast.

After taking quite some time off from making music as a whole, Ka’vierre regains momentum through the newly-found strength he’s acquired. Hues of electronic trap-style beats hint at the future bass aura surrounding the foundation of his tracks. His art moves like liquid, impossible of solidifying to any mold of genre standards.

Future beats, electronic trap, downtempo and lofi, Ka’vierre does it all. Carrying over the boundaryless phenomena, he’s launched a brand new record label, KLUB KUELE, where he’s debuted this beautiful curation of an EP: “Oura“.

Oura: it’s soothing, it’s sonic, it’s subliminally sonorous.

The title track, “Oura“, translating to “father sky”, exemplifies every sense of the meaning. Angelic chambers of vocal echoes amplify the touch of an uplifted reality, submitting your presence in a world created by Ka’vierre himself. The title track resembles the theme of his EP’s entirety, artistically articulating the power one obtains after growing through hardship.

Reiterating the thematic familiarity, “Pulse” and “Flutter” dive further into the depths of his life’s authentic adventure. Ka’vierre translates his story’s twists and turns through the intricate percussion patterns he formulates to fluctuate the soundscape. Keynotes of tender piano keep the listener in the present moment while the electronic elements gently anticipate the future.

Ka’vierre emphasizes the EP’s corresponding cinema with climactic synths throughout the fourth track, “Hilo”. The experimental darkness intensifies the listener’s investment in the journey’s overall outcome.  “Introvert“, the EP’s finale, is a vinyl exclusive that may or may not be available on all streaming platforms in the future (stay tuned).

Ka’vierre even shared some words about the origin of Oura:

“Inspiration wise what really drove this EP to completion was my want to explore a deeper complexity of the “ethereal” signature in my previous releases. I love making sounds and soundscapes that create a cozy pocket for the listener to sit in as well as frequencies that can uplift them and take them on a journey. When it comes to my EP’s I tend to want to create something audibly cinematic that tells a story, whether it be following along from my perspective or you creating your own story within the realm I created. This story starts chill and somewhat pretty but takes you to the low points of experiences and brings you up again and then takes you even higher in conclusion. Sort of like dealing with the emotional spectrum of watching a movie you’re invested in.” – Ka’vierre

We hope you enjoyed the “Oura” EP from Ka’vierre just as much as we did! Show him some love on Soundcloud and Spotify below!

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