Rising bass star Yoko returns to thrill fans with a two-track EP titled “The Dojo“. She is fresh off of a highly praised release with Street Ritual, her EP titled “Memoirs of an Abnormal Mind“. Her inspirations of vintage noir and science fiction ring through in this massive work of art, as do they with her most current release.

She is also set to tear it up at Big Dub Festival in Artemis, Pennsylvania this weekend, alongside massive names like Tripp St, Black Carl!, Ray Volpe, CHOMPPA, and more.

The title track reintroduces this talented artist through woven vocals that meld with wavering synths as the bassline creeps up on listeners before dipping down into the wonky bass abyss. The vocals are continuously sprinkled in while an air of mystery settles over the track as a whole, in the form of a blanket of harmony and bliss.

The second track is titled “Kawaakari“, prnounced kah-wah-a-kah-ree. Glittering, organic beats envelop the listener as they are slowly moved into the deep expanse before the track flips over and the bass takes over. Through that wobbly, airy bass, there is a present lightness throughout the track that creates a beautiful and unique marriage of sounds.

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