Chef Boyarbeatz is a producer you MUST have on your radar. We’ve premiered multiple tracks for him in the past, some of our favorites we’ve ever premiered,“Astro Travelin'” and “Wagwan” in collaboration with Ringtone Murder. His range as an artist is honestly untouchable and now he’s back with his first EP in almost two years.

We also hosted Chef B for our 2021 Cabin Fever Festival, which was a fundraiser for The Innocence Project. The young talent performed alongside fellow bass music rising stars like DMVU, Benji Robot, Opalyte, Yoko, Mad Pritch, Gardella, Senza, and Evalution. We had a chance to speak with him before the event, you can peep that interview here.

Today, Chef Boyarbeatz is bringing his breathtaking 140 stylings to TRUTH‘s Deep, Dark and Dangerous label, which has become the number one hub for deep dub releases nowadays, in the form of his insane new “The Power Of Sound” EP.

The dubplate, “Steady Slurkin’,” was arguably one of the most played unreleased tracks this past year. It was rinsed by Ternion Sound during their Def Global performance, with the reaction clip going viral, as well as being dropped by dozens of other huge names in the bass world. Now, it’s finally seeing the light of day with an official release, alongside three other masterfully designed bangers from the mind of this quickly climbing rising star. Here’s what the chef himself had to say about the full release:

“The Power of Sound EP all started with the self-titled track over a year ago. I had just downloaded a Kercha drum rack and was messing around doing random sound design, and the tune just really fell together super quickly. I was watching Naruto around that time, and the sound ninja episode popped on with the quote you hear in the tune, and I immediately thought “I HAVE to sample this.” That tune along with “Cruise Control,” which was made using my Moog sub phatty are truly some of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. “Steady Slurkin’” was actually a really quick tune that is also all made from my Moog. The original demo had wildly different drums that just didn’t feel right. So after going in and switching them out, the new groove just hit so much better. “Signal Dub” is pretty similar to Slurkin’ as it’s designed to be a dance floor weapon. I truly feel this is some of my best work to date, and hope you all enjoy!” – Chef Boyarbeatz

What did you think of “The Power Of Sound”? Let us know your favorite track down below in the comments or on our socials!

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