Production wizard Floret Loret has been on fire this year, releasing a steady cadence of heaters while also playing some of the biggest festivals for underground bass music. Today, he is back with yet another crunchy, mind-melting tune in “Mango Madness”.

Summer 2022 has been an amazing time for Floret Loret, who had a chance to play some killer sets at Shambhala, Sound Haven and Kosmic Kingdom. Fans will also be able to catch him at this weekend’s Big Fam Festival in Michigan as well as Beyond Existence in Austin, TX. Additionally, he will be making his Denver debut at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom with an insane lineup featuring NotLö, IMANU, BoggDogg (a collab project between BogTroTTer and DRRTYWULVZ), Yoko, and more.

Release-wise, Floret Loret has been putting out mulitple boundary-pushing tracks this year, starting with Withered” back in February. If you caught Liquid Stranger‘s tour earlier this year, you may remember hearing this song rinsed during the family b2b featuring RedrumSmoaklandMIZE and Mersiv. We then saw additional releases such as “Angler”, “Red Eyed Lilly”, and even an incredible rendition of Flume’sI Can’t Tell” featuring LAUREL.

“Mango Madness” definitely turns up the intensity, making us ask ourselves: “What did mangos ever do to this man??” During the atmospheric, ethereal intro, we are slowly consumed by dark and crunchy elements before getting absolutely tossed by Floret Loret’s expertly-crafted sound design. Towards the end of the first drop, I really like the high-pitched, descending arpeggiator plucks that are sprinkled in. The second drop then makes us feel like the dance floor is caving in, shaking the listeners to their core as they are unable to escape this hard-hitting bass chamber.

Here’s what Floret Loret had to say about his latest release: “‘Mango Madness’ is an aggressive tune that sounds wet, squelchy, and crunchy. I wanted to create a tune that sounds like it’s stomping and smashing for the dance floor and for the sound design lovers.”

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