With every release, Osyris manages to impress us even more than the last. Her carefully crafted tracks serve a filthy dose of bass, mesmerizing synths, and silky percussions. Samples and vocals are putties in her hands as she flawlessly massages them throughout each heater. This multi-talented producer’s growing and grueling discography are complimented perfectly by her curating and DJing. You can check out Osyris’ installment on our guest mix series to catch her vibe.

Today, Osyris is linking back up with The Lyrik to deliver another bass-fueled, Rap banger, “Rage.” The Lyrik delivers bar after bar effortlessly, riding the track until he is in a race, beat by beat, word by word, to the climax. His cadence adding its own layer to the expertly produced slapper, The Lyrik and Osyris have conquered the art of collaboration. On such a high-energy release like “Rage,” Osyris still finds a way to slowly lure us into the height of the project and release brutal bass on the listener. The Lyrik and Osyris shared their thoughts on “Rage:”

“Lyrik and I have been collaborating for some time now and we just understand each other’s artist vision and life in such a similar way. When we make music, we’re really good at making it personal and are able to compliment each other’s visions and articulate our thoughts so well.

When I asked Lyrik to give me the first thoughts that came to his head when he was writing this song he said ” When dealing with the complexities of everyday life, it can be a constant struggle for anyone to keep anger in check. We wanted to give people a song that allowed them to express that energy without actually physically whipping someone’s ass.” and I couldn’t agree with him more haha.” -Osyris

What do you think of Osyris and The Lyrik’s “Rage?” Are you stoked to hear more releases from this up-and-comer? Let us know in the comments below or on our socials!

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Featured image via phllow studios.

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