Deafadil is an up-and-comer who has turned heads across the bass community with his unique and impressive artwork, both visual and audio. He has worked with esteemed labels in the past, like Bassrush, Partica Artists, Wavecraft Collective, and Wormhole Records, and has collaborated with fellow rising star artists like Jordnmoody and Wasteurself. He even did the artwork for Subtronics’ Fractals album’s early 2022 rollout as well as helped design pieces for Player Dave‘s Daisy Chain event company.

Today, he’s bringing fans an early listen to his upcoming Chaos_Magick EP, in the form of a new single, “Redeemed.” We had the opportunity to team up with Deafdadil for an exclusive HIHF premiere. Deafadil also made the artwork for the new track. On top of that, he has individual artworks coinciding with each track off the upcoming project.

Inspired by bass music greats like G Jones and EPROM, this distorted soundscape brings in trapped-out drum patterns to start things off. After an otherworldly buildup, Deafadil breaks down the walls with a disgusting onslaught of low-end bass. The second half of “Redeemed” has some unexpected tempo changes, employing a gnarly halftime drum and bass section, certain to get you and your friends’ feet moving.

This up-and-comer has big things ahead of him and it’s crystal clear with the release of this diverse single. Here’s what Deafadil had to say about “Redeemed” off his forthcoming EP:

“In the last year or so I’ve been trying to incorporate tasteful minimalism to let my favorite and oftentimes more experimental sound design rip. I hope this track is a good example of that!” – Deafadil

What did you think of the new heater from Deafadil? Let us know down in the comments and keep an eye out for his upcoming Chaos_Magick EP.

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