ISOxo makes a stark departure from his distinct electronic trap style to hand us a captivating and scary new house track off the on-the-rise label NIGHTMODE. ISOxo just had a tremendous festival season and this track provides a perfect transition into the colder months.

The song is unique from beginning to end. There’s an abundance of dissonance in this one, the elements often feel like they are working against one another while being tightly glued together around that driving house rhythm. Many great details including the use of Wilhelm-Esque horror screams to fill out space in the background give this one a cinematic feel. The vocals and melody are just off-key enough to be unsettling and still get stuck in your head. The album art was made by ISO himself and provides yet another layer to this epic new release.

“Inhuman” has a deeper meaning on top of its bold and brash appearance, Here’s what ISO had to say about his newest work:

“inhuman’ is about a person who is unhappy because he feels different from everyone else and believes he should give in to the pressure of society to be ‘normal.’ As he slowly begins to accept himself for who he is, he starts to break free and finally finds happiness within himself.” – ISOxo

A great tune from an artist who NEVER misses. Learn to expect nothing less from this Sable Valley favorite. He’s been crushing his Nightrealm shows across the country and has a MASSIVE future ahead. Let us know what you thought of “inhuman” down below in the comments.

*Article written by Brandon Missig*

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