Underground bass music icon and rising dubstep superstar NotLö has blessed us with more stellar downtempo! After making a name for herself with classic dubstep-style releases on Deep, Dark, and Dangerous, she switched up her style for many of her releases in 2022. Her liquid drum and bass tune “Expectations”  set a lofty precedent for the rest of her downtempo releases. Her new Trailing Winds EP on CloZee’s Odyzey label far exceeds those high expectations as NotLö demonstrates masterful percussion work and stunning soundscapes.

The EP’s lead single and opening track, “Closer,” takes quite the ominous tone. Haunting low-frequency bass sounds in the record are the perfect contrast to the backing vocal harmonies. The halftime beat eventually picks up, and sharp percussive breaks become more prominent towards the song’s end. The EP’s eponymous second track opts for a low-frequency drone rather than a more variable bassline. This track is cerebral and meditative as a light percussive beat dances around the bass drone.

”Labyrinth” diverts strongly from the structure of the EP’s previous two tracks. In this one, NotLö opts for instrumental leads instead of bass leads. A marimba-like sound sits perfectly atop the mix. NotLö has made a point of how much of an influence Odyzey label boss CloZee is for her project, and this track is a perfect homage to CloZee’s style.

The EP’s final track “Dusk” takes a similar approach. The beat is infectious and persistent, and organic FX litter the mix as NotLö creates a beautiful soundscape to close out the EP.

What did you think of Trailing Winds? Check it out below and let us know your thoughts!

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