Disclosure is keeping it hot with their second official remix this year and their third in the last two years. This is a rarity considering the last time they put an official remix out before 2021 was all the way back in 2013. This fresh remix of Sam Smith’s and Kim Petras’s radio smash “Unholy” comes to us amidst yet another massive year for the UK-based duo.

It’s hard to say anything original about an act that is one of the most well-covered in all of Electronic Music. Ever since their debut album, Settle, in 2013, they have been one of the most talked about acts in the scene. With a foundation in sonically UK house music, they have transcended regional taste and become a global sensation. No, that’s not hyperbole, just look at any lineup they’re on. They are constantly booked at the top regardless of the event and have monstrous streaming numbers to back it up.

Today’s remix is of a track that features iconic Disclosure collaborator Sam Smith and legend in her own right Kim Petras. The original version of “Unholy” features thumping production with heavy bass and pulsating rhythm. It opens with Sam’s vocals edited to sound like a choir (very on theme) and progresses into a verse-chorus progression that delivers Kim Petras’ vocals in a powerful 1-2 punch. The original did over one hundred and seventy five million streams on Spotify so I was curious how Disclosure intended to improve on the original.

Cue Disclosure telling us all to hold their beer.

Their take on “Unholy” opens hot and heavy with a throbbing high-energy house beat, immediately setting the tone. By keeping Sam Smith’s vocals and the haunting string section it retains the dark tone of the original but gives it the bounce to ready it for the dancefloor. Transitioning into Petra’s verse is a hypnotizing syncopated drum pattern that sucks the listener in further and deeper.

At the two-and-a-half-minute mark, they break it all the way down removing nearly every element of the track and grinding it to almost a complete stop. And then, it happens. They deliver a massive bassline that feels more four AM warehouse than anything else. Reminiscent of the type of build and release that are used in techno tracks, the song takes on a whole new life for the final minute and a half.

I have to hand it to them, I didn’t know how they were going to blend their style with this track but the end result is a dancefloor-ready banger that absolutely rips!

Hats off to the lads, its a winner all the way through. Check out the new Disclosure track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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