An underground artist with a knack for creating an array of genres and always keeping things fresh is the one and only, Thew. One of Wavecraft Collective’s finest, this powerhouse of a producer has been all gas no breaks this year. Pumping out an arsenal of releases; each highlighting Thew’s abilities to push the envelope and not confine himself to one genre box.

He also recently had his debut at Cervantes Masterpiece in Denver, after winning the kLL sMTH mix competition for the show. With that being said, it’s truly an honor that I get to be the one to tell you all about his latest work, a beautiful, complex track titled “Isolate,”  featuring vocals from DASH30.

I really love the ability Thew has of capturing the minds of his listeners with each and everything he releases. Each time is a new peak inside different parts of his musical brain. “Isolate” starts off giving a warm, fuzzy feeling, especially when DASH30 comes in with his graceful vocals. From there, things take a 180, and the energy kicks in. This feels like a whole new twist on your typical DnB tune; layered with unique, Thew goodness.

Listeners get even more versatility right around the three-minute mark. This section is slow, yet sweet, and the perfect little moment to catch your breath before the energy comes back crashing in to close things out.

Thew pushes the envelope with everything he does, and this track is no exception. There was a lot of work put into “Isolate” and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Here’s what Thew had to say about working on it with DASH30:

“I had a few failed attempts of writing an instrumental track that Brody (DASH30) felt he could make work with his vocals over the years of our friendship. When I wrote the first demo of Isolate, it was a bootleg remix of Feel Good by Modestep. But after a long first session, I liked the tune too much to make it a bootleg and sent the instrumental to Brody to which he was extremely happy with and got right to work on some vocals. He kept it simple which worked very well for this song, but really tied the whole idea together. This whole process started a whole year before I finally decided to call it a finished song, I worked on it all the way up to the same day that I distributed. This was my first time working with a vocalist like this rather than using samples, and I’m honored to do with the amazing artist and friend of mine DASH30” – Thew

Thew continues to impress again, and again and this latest creation is yet another reminder of his versatility and what he’s bringing to the table. Listen to the new track below and let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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