INFEKT has been busy tearing up the festival circuit this year with relentless concoctions of bone-shattering riddim sets, and he’s celebrating his huge year with a collection of new releases, the Kerfir EP via DUPLOC. Kerfir is the eighteenth official EP from INFEKT and the four-track, thirteen-minute collection is comprised of dark and ominous beats, heavy bass design, and endless possibilities to be incorporated into INFEKT sets.

This one goes way back. Saving you the entire story: INFEKT is rather known for his high energy dubstep tunes being signed to major labels. However, considering our mutual history, INFEKT was more than happy to be included in the project for which he crafted a bunch of different, more experimental 140 vibes – showcasing his versatility with this addition, blending in lovely on our and his discography” – DUPLOC

The INFEKT project is the brainchild of German-born, Montréal-based producer, Christian Fial. Fial is known for his outrageous riddim, trap, and electronica production work, and is an undisputed forerunner in modern riddim and dubstep. Headbangers were blown away by his riddim-fueled Lost Lands set, but as Kerfir proves, INFEKT can shine in any subgenre of dubstep.

“Kerfir” kicks off the EP on a heavy note. Mind-boggling wubs alongside nasty rhythms limn the EP as a journey into a world of deep bass. “Atuan” picks up right where the title track left off, leaving no doubt INFEKT has mastered the art of bass design as madly fulfilling kicks and synths fill the sound spectrum from bottom to top. Malevolent melodies complement out-of-this-world quantum clamor to create an atmospheric experience and deepen the impact of the EP.

“Away” delves into the trap sound and expands the Kerfir EP’s horizons. R&B influences are apparent in the melodic vocals and composition of the track. “Away” sets the stage for “Allure” to close out the project in an epic fashion. The tribalistic track regrounds the effort in deep bass and atmospheric design, just as it began.

We are bumping the Kerfir EP non-stop and we’re so excited that INFEKT has unveiled these more experimental bangers! You can check out the EP down below, and be sure to let us know what you think about the project on our socials, linked at the bottom of the page.

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