OkayJake, formerly known to the bass music world as Kick, is returning to his fans with a new moniker and a hefty dose of bass-fueled firepower. His Metal Flower EP shows listeners he is not here to play and puts his production prowess on full display.

Drawing influence from artists like Charlesthefirst, IVY LAB, and VCTRE, the rebranded artist is proving that he is not here on a whim. The Metal Flower EP includes five new originals from the rising star producer. Here’s what he had to say about the new project:

“For this EP, I just wanted to show how dynamic bass music could get. None of the tracks is too close to the last one but all of the tracks are close enough for it to make sense in its entirety. I felt like I could truly show what I can do and where I could go. I wanted to push my boundaries and step outside the comfort zone on this EP.” -OkayJake

Just like the tips of the metal flower itself, this project flaunts beautiful yet razor-sharp stylings from OkayJake. Distorted basslines leave the listener in shambles, having us dumbfounded and eventually asking ourselves “What just happened?”

It’s crystal clear the future is bright for this young up-and-comer. What was your favorite track off Metal Flower from OkayJake? Let us know in the comments below.

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