Drum and Bass aficionados Koven and ShockOne have been sweeping dancefloors and speakers with their passion for the beloved genre for years. While it’s been a minute since we heard a release from ShockOne, it was a wonderful surprise when he recently released “Thinking About” with Lee Mvthews on UKF. Seeing these three combine their skills and views on this incredible genre was the treat we didn’t know we needed.

Koven’s most recent EP Higher Ground (Part 1) was four unique and complex tracks, some highly energetic and others leaning on the more emotive side. But, it only left fans craving that part two, with the curiosity of what sorts of sounds and emotions they’d be met with. The forthcoming EP is set to release in 2023, but today, we are getting a little taste of what’s to come, with the first track “Collecting Thoughts” with ShockOne, out now via Monstercat.

Here’s what Koven had to say about today’s release:

“We’re really excited to be collaborating with ShockOne for the first time. This was a demo we’d had for awhile, that we both really really loved so this collaboration seemed like a great opportunity to get it finished and out to the world. Uplifting vocal and dancefloor vibes” – Koven

The moment the track begins I immediately felt myself being swept up in a sea of feelings, especially with the vocals coming from Koven. These three have made magic together.

The track is energetic, beautiful, and heart-wrenching all at the same time. I have a feeling this is one we will hear played out for a long time and it also makes me want to travel to the UK to catch some proper DnB sets from artists like these. “Collecting Thoughts” is a powerful reminder we don’t have to carry the weight of life alone, we have support systems all around us to help make things a little lighter.

Shockone offered the following on the new collaboration:

“It’s so great to finally write a song with Koven. We’ve been peers and fans of each other for such a long time, I’m surprised we took so long to do it tbh! I’m really happy with how this turned out. One of my biggest considerations going into this was ‘what should ShockOne x Koven sound like..?’ Not only that but what would our collective fans expect? And I think we’ve done exactly that – huge soaring vocals, epic melodies, and larger than life production!” – ShockOne

Digging the new track from Koven and Shockone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and stream the track on your preferred music platform now.

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