Daily Bread is one of electronic music’s premiere samplers. Many of his sounds are sampled from records he collects, and his affinity for hip-hop is extraordinarily well-documented in his discography. For his latest release, he teams up with LA native and hip-hop heavyweight Murs for a masterful rap EP ATL.A. The EP celebrates each artist’s roots in LA and Atlanta, respectively. The name itself is a portmanteau word combining “LA” and “ATL.” Daily Bread’s swagger-laden thumping beats and Murs’ smooth lyricism are unbeatable. Every track on this EP has its own distinct flavor.

Daily Bread is coming off an exceptional 2022, which saw him play numerous festivals and iconic venues, including Submersion, Sound Haven, Secret Dreams, Wakaan Fest, and Red Rocks. His distinct blend of electro-funk and glitch-hop has made him a bass music icon.

Murs came up in the LA rap scene in the late ’90s and early 2000s and has numerous releases on Tech N9ne‘s label Strange Music. He’s had six collaborative projects with mega-producer 9th Wonder and has shared bars with massive names like Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar.

The EP’s eponymous lead track blends an uptempo beat and fast-paced lyricism, preaching love and pursuing your dreams. “Somebody Help Me” dials back the energy as Murs’ lyrics take a stark turn. He takes shots at veganism as the unilateral “healthy” lifestyle. Murs uses this concept to make a statement about our culture’s obsession with labels rather than results. Still, it comes off as very crass and almost targeted specifically toward vegans. He proclaims himself “all-natural” following a statement regarding pesticide-ridden produce and processed fake-meat alternatives eaten by vegans. He then leaves out how poorly animals are raised in the meat industry, leaving this track’s lyrics on shaky ground.

“Riches” is much more reminiscent of the groovy Daily Bread beats we know and love. He takes much more creative liberty with the synths on this track, sounding very similar to his Navigator, Standby EP. “Brand New House” is a trap masterpiece where Murs goes on about the lavish lifestyle of flying women out to his new residence. The track’s second half features a gnarly beat breakdown from Daily Bread. Finally, “True Love” is the perfect closing track for this EP as it takes a slower, methodical, and nostalgic approach.

Which of these tracks is your favorite? Also, would you like to see any more collabs between Daily Bread and Murs? Let us know in the comments!

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