There has been a massive wave of artists specializing in massive, sustained basses in dubstep and halftime recently, and North Carolina-based Feelmonger might be the style’s next rising star. A dentist by day and DJ/Producer by night, Feelmonger is one of the most intriguing figures in bass music. His new EP Viva La Vibrant! flexes complex basslines and incredible depth that are certain to set dancefloors ablaze.

Feelmonger has been on our radar for quite some time, and he’s garnered support from numerous industry icons for his insane production prowess. However, Viva La Vibrant! might be his most complete work to date. He paints divine soundscapes using layered, sustained basses and sci-fi-style topline FX. “Love Me” employs a dynamic bassline as angelic vocals dance around the beat. Both “Coliseum” and “Truth” use chopped rap vocals that add another layer to Feelmonger’s bass-driven beats. The track’s eponymous final track is much more introspective. Topline arpeggios cause listeners’ minds to wander as the bass lulls them into a trance.

Viva La Vibrant! is the most proficient work in Feelmonger’s discography to date, and we can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for the up-and-comer.

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