ST4RFOX has blasted in from galaxies far away to bring us extra-terrestrial musical transmissions dubbed “The Nexus“. This newest work is filled with top-tier production, crisp horns aplenty, and chock full of incredible collaborations. In addition to this album, ST4RFOX has been zooming around the country at warp speed, playing the Wormhole 10-Year Anniversary show in San Francisco for The Gradient Perspective Takeover, a festive holiday show in Laguna Beach with the Iridescent Festival crew, and blasting off on a handful of dates with Josh Teed for his hefty tour. Most recently, it was announced that FOX and Teed will take the stage together in San Diego with Pirate Pandas on February 9th — tickets are available here!

This album comes out the flight deck with “Welcome to Existence” which wobbles along with cool ease, the perfect first track to invite listeners to jump into the spaceship and strap in for the ride. Trumpet accents flirt in and out of the tune giving you a sneak preview of more to come. “Slurmzilla tha illa” oozes confidence, with a plethora of stylistic accents perfectly melding together to create an intricate yet fully engaging tune. Silky synths take over in the second half providing a change-up, yet keeping the vibes consistent.

As we dive deeper into the metaverse “Open the Portal” invites space cadets to step further into the ST4RFOX universe and explore the wubs and extensive basslines even further. “Memory Loss” is far from forgettable with creative intertwines of melody lines, synths, and of course, horns. The steady beat moves through the star system as the aliens whisper sweet nothings into the void. A meditative breath of fresh air, “Breathe” crafts a serene soundscape fit for ultimate emotional unwind and disconnect.

Other standouts include “Timeless” with the talented sitar player Evan Hatfield; it carries a certain mysterious and intriguing air about it, leading the listener further into the otherworldly mission. The title track, “The Nexus,” is a collaborative effort with Little Black Bear and Coyote and ends the album on a high note. Sparkling tones lead into spoken word that delivers a powerful message, leaving listeners to ponder the greater universe, creativity, and conception.

In conjunction with this impressive work, ST4RFOX is launching a very exciting vinyl and merch campaign. There are tiered levels of support that grant you intergalactic access to frequencies unexplored. You can check out all of the available merch here, and grab it before they spontaneously combust back into the universe once again!

What was your favorite track off of this massive new work from ST4RFOX? Let us know in the comments below and on socials!

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