G Jones and EPROM are without a doubt two of the best at creating their own unique soundscapes, bringing fresh takes on the Acid House genre and tons of other amazing bass music sub-genres. Their heavy 808 drum patterns and complex breakdowns have made them favorites among many, both new and old to the scene.

For anyone lucky enough to catch a set from either, you know firsthand the versatility each artist brings to the table with their live performances. When they combine powers and sound, the results are always otherworldly (like their more recent track “R.A.V.E.”) and only continue to solidify fans’ love and adoration for these two tastemakers. Now, G Jones and EPROM are starting off 2023 with an emotional edit of Koreless’, “Shellshock” released via the London multi-platform hub, Young.

It’s incredible the ability both of these artists have in terms of creating an array of sounds, never confining themselves to the label of just one genre. They continuously think outside the box and their “Shellshock”  edit proves that with grace, beautiful synths, and everything in between. Something about the track felt like being transported back to the beginning of my days in the dance music scene. Being completely engulfed and blown away by the stylings some of these artists could concoct through their hardware and software.

“Shellshock”  definitely shows off a softer side of G Jones and EPROM, with ambient-like synths and other atmospheric pieces. It feels like warm sunbeams shining down on your face as you dance around on a warm summer day.

Listen to the track now and let us know what you think of it down below in the comments! We can’t wait for more music from these two after an explosive 2022, check back on HIHF for all things G Jones and EPROM!

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Photograph by Colin Webb for header image


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