G Jones and EPROM are forces to be reckoned with and with each and every release we are reminded of just that. Especially, when they combine brain and production powers. The two have very special ears for unique sounds which in turn, keep their fans craving and coming back for more. Those who love their music will be very pleased to know that they’ve finally released a long-awaited collaboration (as well as the second track off G Jones’s forthcoming EP, Illusory Tracks) “R.A.V.E.” – realizing alternative visions for earth.

There could not be a more perfect name for a GPROM track; the two already have such unique views on music, with the visuals and melodies to match. “R.A.V.E.”  asks us to take a step outside of our comfort zones and the typical neurological norms we find ourselves sometimes stuck in. Expanding one’s consciousness through frequencies is an incredibly powerful thing and G Jones and EPROM continue to do so in an elegant way that is all their own.

G Jones and EPROM are true innovators in this era of music, whether creating projects together or on their own, and “R.A.V.E” is yet another reminder of that fact. They have an incredible awareness of sound design and continue to push the envelope with everything they release. “R.A.V.E.”  is a hard-hitting, cacophony of distorted ingredients that rattle your bones in the best way possible. As per usual, it highlights the quintessential, technical skills these two continue to create again and again.

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Featured Photo by Colin Webb

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